Friday, August 29, 2008

I Can't Tell Time, But I Can Tell Kenya from Kansas

My mom gently pointed out to me last night that Denver is on mountain time, meaning that the headline speakers actually ARE coming on TV at 8 or 9pm, just not on the East Coast. Thank you all for not pointing this out to me and allowing me to be incorrectly self-righteous; a curmudgeon is nothing without her belief that she has a right to be angry.

Since we Yankees get the proceedings so late, Jeff, my mom and I drained 2 bottles of wine before Obama came onstage at the saucily-named 'Mile High stadium.' Then we drank some more. But you didn't have to be drunk to admit that his speech was pretty great.

Afterwards, we watched some of the blowhards pundits verbally masturbate react. One guy—probably on Fox News, which we flipped to just to see what the Republicans were saying—said he was still unclear on Obama's identity, saying that he didn't understand the whole Kenya/Kansas equation.


Obama's father was Kenyan. His mother was Kansan. I know they both start with the same letter, but one is a country in Africa and one is a state in the United States of America. Obama himself did not grow up in Kenya. He grew up in Hawaii, which is also a state, making Barack Obama an African-American who is also an American citizen.

It is really time for Republicans to stop pretending to be confused by this.

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  1. Who's pretending? They've been at war with the wrong country/people for years. Why are we surprised they can't differentiate between all those little non-rich-white people countries?


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