Monday, August 4, 2008

Holly GoHomely: I Love Bad Reality Television

I don't watch I Love Money, the most self-aware and un-ironic reality show to date, in which reality show rejects compete for money because, well, they are shameless, but it sounds amazing. Check out this recap from Radar Online:

(Castmember names, emphasis mine)

The vote was the culmination of a day full of crying—but for once, not because of drama. In a challenge called "The Crying Game," each member of the Green and Gold team had to produce tears, and the first team to have each member produce a tear first was named the winner. Contestants could try to produce tears naturally or by using any of five special tools set out before them—onions, cigars to smoke, cayenne pepper, hot sauce or tweezers. Once the clock started ticking, and neither onion nor cigar smoke were working, some contestants asked teammates to physically hurt them when they found they couldn't produce tears on their own. Among the better tear-jerking methods was 12 Pack's slap across Toastee's face and the gross sight of several people running their fingers across Rodeo's eyeballs. Others chose to inflict their own pain, like poor Punkin, who unfortunately wasn't familiar with cayenne peppers, and thought it would be okay to just apply them directly to her eyes. Among the chaos, her screams of pain rang particularly clear.

Wow. I can't believe there is a show where someone names 12 Pack is slapping someone named Toastee (pictured above, who I totally want to lick because her name reminds me of Thomas' Toaster Cakes—where did they go??) and someone named Punkin is too dumb not to know that you do not put cayenne pepper in your eye.


  1. Never heard of this either, but I know I'm watching it religiously from now on.

  2. Toastee is from my hometown and went out with my friend's brother. My former flatmate used to constantly watch all those types of reality shows and 'I Love Money' especially makes me feel uncomfortable considering she is currently the pride of our neighborhood.


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