Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breakin' 2: Toe-less Bootie-loo

(Sorry about the title, I couldn't help myself, I have been at work for over 12 hours.)

I have on this blog denounced the hated ankle bootie. Cutting off your leg at the thickest part of your calf, they make a girl instantly stumpy.

But, you know, at least those booties had toes.

I mean, am I wrong? If it's cold enough for boots, it's too cold for bare toes! Do not even get me started on the open-toed sneakers. Sneakers are worn for comfort. They are worn so that you don't have to worry about getting your toes stepped on. What's next? Toe-less steel-toed boots? PEOPLE. This is the exact same thing as making a sweater with the nipples cut out. The only difference is that that I might actually wear (what with global warming, you never know when you'll need a nice breeze).

Whoever thought of this, I hope their toes fall off from hypothermia.

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