Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Trash Heap

The trash heap of my brain, that is. Watch out for flying shards of broken dreams and forgotten Color Me Badd lyrics!

So, first I would like to address the fact that my Google Ad bar decided that I would like to see a site called blurtit.com. I assumed immediately that it was a website full of long-lens celebrity nipple slips, so when it turned out to be Blurt It, an answer search engine, as opposed to Blur Tit, my imagined soft-core voyeur site, I realized that I had spent much too much time reading TMZ.

Next, I saw Sex and the City: The Movie over the weekend and I thought it was awesome, as did my lady friends (and one was realllllly stoned, so the rest of us acted as sort of a placebo group). Anyone who would go to see the movie voluntarily is going to like it, as going to see it pretty much indicates that you are a fan of the series and fans are rabid in their hunger for more Sex, no matter how good it is. Case in point: I have never seen white women yell at a movie screen before. We Caucasians are fairly repressed. My stoned friend also wept during a poignant scene, but the placebo group remained dry-eyed, so results are inconclusive.

I also found out this week that having a unibrow is actually a medical condition called synophrys. Who knew? Apparently in Victorian times, a criminologist named Cesare Lombroso identified unibrows as a sign of criminality but was later discredited. And yes, I am going to write a book. It will be called Synophrabulous: Unibrows Unite!

Also Jeff is sick this week, and has officially usurped my throne as Most Pathetic Sick Person Ever. I have actually been really nice to him, trying to nurse him back to health with juice and kisses, but every time I asks him what he needs he asks me to shoot him in the face. I was so stir-crazy last night that I actually baked a crumb cake from scratch and did about 5 loads of dishes, a period of about two hours which will henceforth be known as "Una's Domestic Blackout of 2008."

That's all for now. And I'm totally serious about the book (if not the title).

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