Monday, June 16, 2008

Tony Night

In the Heights WON the Tony for Best Musical, and Lin won for music and lyrics! And Bill Sherman won for orchestration! It was quite a night, starting at Alex's house for pizza, booze, and celebration (only the celebration is visible in the pictures, though):

Then we headed over to the In the Heights after party! On a rooftop!

We were pretty excited! And drunk!

But we looked classy in black and white.

We ran into Bryan (aka Bryish, Bryan Ambition, Reverend Ambition), who styled Robin de Jesus, one of the stars of the show. You can't see them here, but Bryish was rocking some silver shoes. Fierce!

Our friend, Tony winner, Bill Sherman (from now on this will always preceed his name).

His lady, Kristen, displaying the winning envelope.

Speaking of ladies, we found Lin's beautiful girlfriend, Vanessa, glowing all over the place.

When we saw flashbulbs start going off like fireworks, we knew the man of the hour had arrived. we promptly accosted and molested him!

It was all fabulously exciting. Lin, if you are reading this, we are so, so proud of you! Wepa!

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  1. Jesus Motherfucking Christ, do I wish I had been there.


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