Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time Capsule Thursday!

Last Saturday was a blast from the past. Not only did I go to my ten year high school reunion, but during the day I cleaned out some boxes at my mother's house. Inside were my old diaries (entries forthcoming), old notebooks dating back to high school, and piles of photos, documents, and art projects from my childhood. Here are some of the best:

1. My cover of Women's Wear Daily -- finally, proof positive that I was a child model!

2. My Mighty Mustang Award (I forget what it means, but it's pretty badass, no? Too bad it expired in 1988)

3. A Polaroid from the last day of 4th grade (value increased by teacher's signature -- see top). Note my sweet Bartman tee shirt.

4. Two letters from Camp Onas circa the early nineties ... on handmade stationery. (The cartoon on the first one is "An Uny Toon" -- enlarge to read).

5. A faux (I know it's hard to tell) People cover, featuring "the best thing to happen to Melrose Place since Heather Locklear!"

6. "Some Important Facts About Me." The best part is that I don't like "not play." A future writer if ever I saw one!

7. Avery rare shot from my first-ever photo collection. I took posed portraits of each of my toys. Jeff Koons is way jealous.

8. My brief stint as a saloon wench, 1993. This photo is cringe-inducing but also kind of awesome, because the only thing that can make a hokey, old-timey costume photo more awkward is an awkward adolescent!

9. Jumping ahead a decade, the white board from my college refrigerator, senior year. (Note the parking ticket above scrawled with the words "HA HA". If your car wasn't registered at Wesleyan the school couldn't ever find you to fine you.)

10. And, to make it an even ten, an excerpt from my 1992 birthday list (on dot-matrix printer!!!).

(Click to enlarge. You won't be sorry.)

More to come, but this seems masturbatory enough for one day.


  1. Cristin8:40 AM

    I totally can't get enough of this stuff ;p

  2. I love that you even drew the uni-brow in your self-portraits!


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