Friday, June 27, 2008

Psychedelic Friday!

I have spent all day watching installments of Pot Psychology on Jezebel -- be warned, if you find marijuana use or frank sexual discussion offensive, you will not like this. But it's pretty hilarious. The two stars of the videos also happen to be bloggers that I am enamored of -- Tracie Egan of Jezebel/One D at a Time and Rich Juzwiak of fourfour. They kind of remind me of when Charlie and I got stoned and made movies in college, only we were, dare I say, slightly less articulate (also, we would get stoned and then I would go buy cookies or chips or anything to stuff my face with and when I got back Charlie would be doing an erotic dance to Madonna songs or something with his shirt off.) Anyway, Pot Psychology is just further proof that I would totally be famous by now if only I was more of a slut (thanks, Mom and Dad. Great job raising me and everything. Not.)


  1. Holy crap, this show is incredible. Thanks!!!

  2. Charlie Meyer6:48 PM

    why am i not famous then? i was a big ole slut... there is a flaw in your theory.


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