Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh Dear

So I probably just contracted TB, because I dripped yogurt on my two year-old, never-been-cleaned, dropped-on-the-city-streets-at-least-twice-per-week cell phone and my instinct, immediately, was to lick it off.

I do this kind of thing all too often. Either I have hardened my immune system to withstand all bacteria or I am about to fall victim to Darwin's theory of evolution.


  1. kristen7:03 PM

    I just wanted to say i think you are absolutely awesome. I randomly find your blog about 5 months ago and have been reading it since. You are always hysterically funny and insightful.

  2. Wow, thank you! That comment made my night, as Wii fit had just told me I gained 3 pounds and was trying to shame me into doing lunges. So naturally I popped some champagne and watched reruns of Americas Next Top Model. So glad you like the blog. It's become so fun for me to do, and I'm just happy that I have a handful of readers who aren't blood relatives!

  3. kristen2:02 PM

    champagne and antm is always better than squats, hands down. also, i found* your blog not "find" which i realize made me sound like english is my second language, which it is not. keep writing<3

  4. I'm still tempted to pick up the "free" candy that gets dropped by the quarter machines, and ate food off of someone's floor last week, so don't feel too bad. I'm still reasonably healthy. :)


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