Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Like Sassy Like Sister

My little sis is so cute, and just as fame-whorey and sarcastic as me! And yes, every time I mention her I will post the picture of the Halloween when she went in blackface and tinfoil as a Hershey Kiss.

Aaaaaanyway, here's a Facebook message I received from her this morning:
Subject: Lets get famous

Hello pursy lips,
Yo. my job is so mindless. Why arent we famous? lets do something that will propel us into stardom. Lauren "No emotion" Conrad is fuckin famous...we just need incredibly cute clothing. I know we are both artistic and all...but writing and painting take years to become famous for. So lets do something faster.
Reality tv would be good. Or doing something incredibly controversial like that man who starved dogs in a gallery and called it art (that was demented and sad though, so not that). Insanity= fame baby.
except not always. like for example if we made a treehouse and lived in it for a year we'd get sorta famous cause people would write articles about how "green" we were and how we were the face of the future. If we lived in a car however, we'd just be like 1/2 the population.
Brain storm yo. xoxoxooxo
P.s.- glad to see you have your model face all practiced for when we are famous.

After I asked her if I could post it on the blog, she wrote:
"course yo...get my famousness kicked off. Also we should go to NKOTB reunion tour."

Jonathan Knight ... um, swoon! (He is the least popular New Kid, the one who was really skinny and had a mullet. They only let him sing the "Happy Birthday" song. For reals. Inexplicably, I love(d) him.)

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