Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Hillarys Have Eyes

Oh. My. GAWWWWWWD. I have to stop reading the news or I will kiiillllllllll someone.

Every day I read something about how Hillary Clinton supporters will either write in votes for Hillary, stay home and not vote at all, or vote for (anti-choice, by the by) McCain out of spite. I know this doesn't apply to all, or even to most, of her supporters, but I ... I'm just at a loss. I mean, what does that say about these people, that they would cheerfully vote for a Republican as a "fuck you" to Obama? What does it say about them that they would be happy to go through four years of McCain just so they can say that if Hillary had been the nominee, she would have won? These people ... these people are assholes! If I meet one, I will kick her in the boobs! Oh my GOD THEY MAKE ME SO ANGRY.

Hillary can't be that evil, can she? She wouldn't stand by and let her own party to lose the election just because she isn't the nominee ... would she? Getting. Very. Paranoid.

(I had a link posted to a petition urging Obama not to choose Clinton as his running mate ... until I saw that among the other signers were 'cock&balls' and 'Adolph Hussein' so I'm guessing this petition's not really going anywhere. But my name is just under 'cock&balls,' in case Barack ever does see it.)

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