Monday, June 2, 2008

Belated Fashion Smackdown: Marc Jacobs and The Case of the Curious Heel

Oh, hello there! I'd love to talk but I'm in the middle of a fashion show, so it's not really a good--
My heel is where?
Oh my God. Omigod omigod. I am so embarassed.
I was wondering why I kept losing my balance.
How did it get down there? Is it sleeping? Is it humping my footbed?
Marc! Pssssssssst! Marc. WTF?
I'm sorry, what? You thought it was "different"? My heel is hanging in frickin' mid-air, Jacobs. This is not Cirque du Soleil.
I don't care if Victoria Beckham wears them, you paid her to! And she's not even walking in them.
What's that? Turn fashion .... on its heel. Oh, ha ha very funny, I see someone fell off the wagon in Ibiza.

1 comment :

  1. That isn't even like the first failed attempt in "Kinky Boots"... that's like someone was drunk and started putting the shoes in backwards and they're trying to make up the damages. No way. No how.


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