Thursday, May 15, 2008

When You Are Low and Life is Making You Lonely, You Can Always Go ...

I hate shared iTunes libraries--the way you can automatically see all of the playlists in your computer network. What if I don't want anyone to know that I like to download Petula Clark songs when I'm feeling sad?

Worse -- they don't know I'm sad! They just think I love Petula Clark and "How I Met Your Mother", which, OK, are both true, but on paper, make me seem ... not cool.


  1. You can turn it off! It's in Preferences:Sharing. You can even turn off the ability to see other people's shared libraries. So you can listen to your music as it was intended. Alone. :P

  2. Don't knock "How I Met Your Mother"! It's a great freakin show (ah, Barney) and it's written by Wes alumns. And it was absolutely recording on my DVR while we were playing Mario Kart.

  3. HIMYM truly is a great show. It's like Friends, except they drink alcohol and not coffee.


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