Thursday, May 8, 2008

Way to Run on the Racial Divide Platform!

Today Hillary Clinton thought it wise to point out that she is winning the presidential race among whites. Um, A. No shit, and B. Not smart to brag about that when your opponent is not white. That is like drawing a big red line down the middle of America's racial divide and declaring "Racists love me!" The exact quote: that Obama's support among "working, hard-working Americans, white Americans" is waning. (I guess that means that his support among unemployed Americans, lazy Americans, minority Americans must be rocking -- score!) Why, rabid media, wouldn't you say that she is implying that black people don't work hard?

Of course you wouldn't, because you don't even care that McCain sought out the endorsement of a reverend who thinks Pamela Anderson drinks “the blood of the Jewish people.”

Oh, and she added that "whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me." Them there is bragging rights if I ever seen 'em.

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