Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday: Random

Okay, A.

You will notice that my posts are now all signed "written by Sassy." No, I haven't farmed out my blogging to a gloriously-named intern; rather, I am trying to avoid tying my name to the blog from here on out because I work for a big company now and I can't risk being associated with my own fluffy, occasionally dirty and/or irate musings.

B. Omigod my iPod Nano can download TV shows and now I can watch TV on the subway, on a desert island, ANYWHERE. Goodbye, remaining brain cells. Hello, Desperate Housewives.


  1. Does this mean we can start calling you "Sassy" as a nickname in real life?

  2. sassy dear,
    if you google your name, the blog still comes up. maybe you should go through and edit your name out of your old posts.
    what's the new job???


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