Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oversharing on Oversharing: So Meta!

A former editor of Gawker, the online media gossip site, is the cover subject of this weekend's New York Times Magazine, which basically tells the story of why it is dangerous to blog about your personal life. This girl, like many other bloggers, went totally balls to the wall on the big, vast worldwide web, sharing sexual escapades, heartbreaks, and gynecological woes (apart from my "woman troubles," I like to think I have been rather modest in this regard -- YOU'RE WELCOME). And I have to admit that a part of me wishes I could be more like them.

It's not that I'm, like, dying to write about my sex life or anything (in fact, I have fairly traditional values when it comes to not slutting it up all over the Internet), but I am very aware that for me, my friends and family come before my blog. I could have, for instance, written a lot about my parents' separation or my father's new relationship and how they affect me, but to do that would be to risk hurting or exposing my parents during a sensitive time. I could write about my friends, a la Carrie in "Sex and the City," using their romantic foibles for comedic fodder. If I did that, I'm sure that I could draw in more readers. But to do that would be an invasion of their privacy, and I'm not willing to jeopardize friendships for some page views.

The one thing I'm allowed to do -- morally, at least -- is write more honestly about myself. But ... putting aside the fact that I am modest unless I've been drinking (a lot), the people who read this blog are not strangers (if you are a stranger, wow, am I glad to have you! I can't believe you are not related to me! Are you sure?). My parents, my sister, my husband, my friends--even George Soros, once--read this. Writing about sex on this blog would be akin to having sex ... in front of all of them. And modesty aside, I'm not self-absorbed enough (or nearly drunk enough) to do that.

Eventually, if I want to publish my writing, I may have to delve deeper and involve my family and friends in my stories. But for now, I'm sticking to my guns. It just sucks for you guys, because my friends are way more exciting than I am.


  1. Hi. I'm actually a stranger that reads your blog. I can't remember how I stumbled upon it, but it was back in the days of first discovering Google Reader, when I would add every blog that seemed slightly interesting. Yours is one of the comparative few that has remained. Nice job, funny lady.

  2. Thanks Erin! I really appreciate that -- and sorry for not responding sooner. By the way, you share a name with one of my very favorite people, the coolest four year-old ever, Ms. Erin Steinhauser. So I like you already. Thanks for reading!


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