Friday, May 23, 2008

Mii Fit

Every single morning I set my alarm for 7:00 am. And every single morning I snooze until 8:15, the time when I actually have to get up. I torture myself day after day with interrupted sleep because I believe, deep in my soul, that one day—soon!—I will bound out of bed, fresh and flush with health, go to the living room, and finally do one of my bajillion exercise DVDs.

This never happens. Which is why I have gone to extraordinarily lazy extremes to stave off the letting-myself-go process. I bought, as you may remember, special (expensive!) sneakers that look like orthopedic platforms and are designed to work my lazy ass while I am standing or walking. I think they work, but I can’t actually tell because they are so ugly that I have to wear long pants with them, thus hiding my legs. I also own a Pilates magic circle, which looks like a giant, flexible intrauterine device and which is used to build muscle through resistance exercises. It’s a glorified Thighmaster, but I happily trot it out during commercials, doing plies until it inevitably springs from my knees and flies across the room and breaks something.

So, of course, when I read in the New York Times that there was a fitness video game for the Wii, I knew that it would be mine. Jeff and I like our Wii, but wii (ha!) don't use it that often because it involves unplugging the DVD player, and yes, wii are that lazy. But Wii Fit seemed like the perfect momentary obsession workout regimen for someone with absolutely no willpower or motivation who needs to be distracted in order to exercise (If you dangled a cupcake in front of me, maybe--MAYBE--I would run, but probably I would just go online and order cupcakes from FreshDirect and then watch 14 hours of television while I waited). In other words, desperate abs call for desperate measures.

It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I am going to break it in today. Wish me luck! I am thisclose to buying those vibrating belts that they sell on QVC.


  1. Okay, this may be late, and I don't have a wii so I don't know... but with almost all previous nintendo systems (which thanks to my brother, I had the privelege of owning) you CAN set it up so that you don't have to mess with wires each and every time.

    Rather than plugging the DVD player into the TV, there is maybe a thing that should receive it on the wii. You plug the DVD player into the wii, and it should work. The wii overrides the DVD player, as it is closest in the circuit to the TV, but the DVD player should work with the wii off.

    You may not really care that bad. But I did want to share. Cause I care. :-)

  2. ha! I was just discussing this with friends last night! An ongoing attempt to fool myself into believing I am having fun, and not exercising.
    Look forward to seeing how it goes.
    Also, you SHOULD buy those weights. If for no reason other than to tell me what they're like, and if you feel some weird need to draw the shades closed before using them.


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