Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Madness: Week O' Weddin's!

I love weddings. LOVE them. Love the canapes, love the champagne, love doing the Electric Slide in a dress I can't afford. I even love being a bridesmaid, which most people find appalling. But I love a lot of things that bum other people out, like birthdays, long car rides, and infomercials.

Anyway, this week is jam packed with nuptial bliss. Yesterday, Jeff and I went to Sara and Jared's wedding at Battery Gardens. I haven't uploaded any photos yet, as it was all I could to to drag myself out of bed this morning (someone--Jeff--kept refilling my three wine glasses). But the wedding was beautiful! Mazel tov! (By the way, no one believed me when I said that I almost fell 6 feet during the Hora at my wedding, but Jared actually DID fall--he's fine, don't worry--which proves that the Hora is a dangerous sport. Use chairs with arms. You have been warned).

THEN, on Friday, I get to watch one of my oldest and dearest friends tie the knot ... it's Adri and Matt's wedding! Here they are during their African bushmen ceremony last year. They decided to do an American version, too, because no one should ever have to choose between taffeta and loincloth.

And rounding out the Week O' Bliss, guess who got herself engaged yesterday? Little Miss Meredith, that's who! My tattoo Tink twin and all-around BFF had her question popped (almost wrote pooped--good save) by her longtime lovah Brian at a Memorial Day party. Yay!

Me and Mer showing off our tats ... (Note: I do have an arm, not just a giant shoulder, but you can't see it in this picture).

Mer and Brian put on their helmets for the bumpy road to love!

So, yes, I am geeking out on fairytale endings this week. I am also probably going to drink too much champagne. But I bet a lot of fairytale endings have more to do with alcohol than we realize. Disney just doesn't show that part.

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  1. It's all about the chairs with arms. Did I tell you I went to a wedding last month where the bride fainted going down the aisle and then also fell off her chair during the hora? Weddings are extreme sports these days.


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