Friday, April 18, 2008

Pool of the Damned

Estancia La Jolla, the resort/spa where Cyndi and Chris had their wedding last weekend, came equipped with a heated pool. We all took advantage of it during the day, but after some wine at the rehearsal dinner, we decided to do some night swimming, too.

Jeff went first:

I never actually submerged the camera (it's not waterproof, and I wasn't that drunk). Taking pictures from above the surface resulted in a surreal, painting-like texture.

Jeff directed me in various poses:

Including something that looked an awful lot like a watery corpse!

Close-up shots reveal that, in general, people tend to look constipated when they are holding their breath:

Sometimes, they look like Jay Leno!

But ... usually constipated.

More wedding photos to come soon.

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