Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Hate the Media (Ergo, I Hate Myself?)

This primary campaign has really made me loathe the media. I mean, take Pennsylvania's primary last night. Six to eight weeks ago, Clinton had some 20-point lead in the polls. Everyone assumed she would win. Then, as of a few weeks ago, the lead had dwindled to 6-8 points, give or take. It was still assumed that she would win, but by a smaller margin, not the landslide she needed.

Which is exactly what happened. Not a big shock to anyone who follows the news. (OK, some of us had hoped that Obama would pull off an upset, but we weren't betting on it).

So how come, this morning, news outlets are making a big deal about the win? It's not NEWS if people have ALREADY KNOWN ABOUT IT FOR MONTHS.

I guess that they realize the real story is boring and kind of depressing: The fight will continue on, and on, and on, Clinton will never give up until the nomination is wrenched from her cold, dead hands. But, barring some unimaginable error by Obama, like freebasing cocaine with Osama bin Laden on live video feed, or unless the entire democratic system implodes and Clinton buys a victory from superdelegates, Obama will eventually get the nomination, and will then have approximately five minutes to rally the tired, jaded, divided Democratic party behind him.

Try to fit that into a cover blurb. (NY Post, I am talking to you.)


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