Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And they say the youth don't care about the election: live blogging Super Tuesday returns

Morning-After Disclaimer: I was passionately intoxicated when I wrote this. I don't actually hate the elderly OR consider everyone over 65 to be senile. I apologize to anyone who might be offended by my ageism. However, I am keeping the blog entry as is. Read on with caution.

Betsy: im stuck at Fing work
i want to go bBE with the newscasters!!!
me: no, they suck
all are very condescending to youth voters
the 65+ group is voting more than the under-30s. i say we should have a vote based on how much longer we have to live ;)
obama doing fine, but old people and women voting clinton
Betsy: haha
we'll get them when they die
yeah we have shit jobs and they do nothing
of course they vote more
me: also so many young people registered to vote too late
fucking geriatrics. also they are using up all the social security!!!
Betsy: plus we're voting on damn provisionals
me: i am drunk bythe way
Betsy: hahahaha
me: keep yelling at TV "fuck YOU New York"
Betsy: cant they lie down and die and let us vote
its our world to live in
me: i know! they are too old to vote. stay home! i am going to write a NY times op-ed called "septuagenarians should not be allowed to vote because they are senile" by Una LaMarche. they keep saying how hillary won NY which has 280 delegates but the STUPID BITCHES dont mention that delegates are divided proportionally (i am talking to you Katie Couric)
Betsy: oy
me: sorry I get misogynistic when ive had too much whiskey. dlegates right now 536 to 444 so not too bad
Betsy: oooh
i needed a del count
stupid work!!!!
when can i leave!!!!
me: well i will probably fall asleep on my couch cursing diane sawyer

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  1. What about MY disclaimer? Can't you tell people I, too, love old people and was just going with the flow and that I also love my job and also the name Betsy was to protect the real person you were talking to?


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