Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holly Go Homely: Friday Night Lights

I am too poor for TiVo (oh, right, and my block is in a cable wasteland, so even if I had the money I would be TiVo-less), so I have developed a dependence on the next best thing -- getting entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix and watching them all in a row while consuming vast quantities of junk food.

Everyone has been raving about "Friday Night Lights", so I finally ordered it to see what all the fuss is about.

I had been dragging my heels about FNL because I am not a fan of football. Mostly I just don't understand it; sometimes I think the inventors of football studied the female brain and based the rules on what women would not genetically be able to comprehend. All of the downs and penalties and possessions -- I can't keep them straight. It always just looks like a big crush of guys to me. And once I famously asked my uncle how many quarters there were in a game, although that's just plain stupidity, unrelated to the wide world of sports.

But "Friday Night Lights"? Rocks. The acting and the visual style and the writing are just good. The football scenes still confuse me, but it's different when you're watching fictional football -- the characters offer helpful comments/exposition and the music swells and you kind of just get what you're supposed to feel. As opposed to real-life football, where the announcers' dialogue isn't scripted so as to be dramatic and you don't get close-ups of the players' faces as they visibly emote.

My friend Cristina, who is possibly even more curmudgeonly and cynical than I am, says she was weeping by the end of the first episode. And Jeff -- who is sooooo much pickier than I am about entertainment -- likes it. It's like that Life cereal ad -- Jeffy likes it! So you should watch.

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  1. Whenever I feel discouraged about things--my novel, my lovelife, my lack of prospects in general--I just imagine Coach Taylor yelling "Champions don't give up! Champions don't complain! You're not a champion until you've earned it!" Also, Southern accents make everything somehow more authoritative AND more melodramatic simultaneously.


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