Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So, as you know I've been watching a lot of "Friday Night Lights" lately (not anymore, though -- sob! -- I'm done with the first season and the second season isn't sold on iTunes!). Anyway, Coach Taylor -- the coach of the Dillon H.S. Panthers -- is just full of inspirational yelling. I often think that if Coach Taylor was my boss, I would get a lot more done. After years of working for passive-aggressive, sensitive artsy types, a strong, no-bullshit, baseball cap-wearing Texan would be a welcome change:

Una: I'm having some trouble keeping everyone on deadline.
Boss (checking email, smoking cigarette): Uh .... what?
Una: I need some guidance.
Boss: Let's have a meeting at 3. (Note: THIS MEETING WILL NEVER HAPPEN.)


Una: I'm having some trouble --
Coach Taylor: Now stop right there. I don't want to hear about the trouble. You are the managing editor of this publication, are you not?
Una: Uh ... yeah.
Coach Taylor: So you're the MANAGER, LaMarche. Everyone is counting on you to GIT 'ER DONE! Do you want to let this team down?
Una: No, sir.
Coach Taylor: Then forget your troubles. Get on the ball, girl. We ain't got all day. Now git.

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  1. I just want you to know that I have a shot of Coach Taylor at a game--wearing his headset, mouth hanging open in mid-holler--as the wallpaper on my laptop and whenever I feel like I can't go on I look at it and imagine him screaming "Champions don't complain! Champions don't give up! You're not a champion until you've earned it!" and I get back to work immediately.

    I also want you to know that you can watch season two for free on nbc.com.


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