Friday, January 11, 2008

Closing Week Excuse

I know I'm getting off to a sloooow start this year, but the magazine is closing and seriously? It is like waking up to a fresh hell every morning. Also I am breaking out and getting my stress canker sores. I'm pretty.

A brief summation of the week:

- It was 67 degrees in January. What up, climate change?
- Then it was 45 degrees, but I didn't check the weather and froze my ass off.
- Cashmere Mafia sucks. I only saw 2 minutes but it sucks. More on this later.
- Julia Roberts, in Charlie Wilson's War, looks like a transvestite. I find this troubling.
- I got my palm read. I have a "true capability for original philosophical thought". Stop laughing.

More on Monday, I swear. Oh! And I need curmudgeons of the week. Email me!

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