Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sometimes Google Just Blows My Mind

I will never cease to be amused by the Google advertising on my Gmail. It's so immediate and aggressive, kind of like a pack of sincere-yet-desperate lonelyhearts responding to Village Voice personals ad. You type the word "tired" into an email and suddenly a whole column of Vivarin links spring to life. Write to someone about your honeymoon in Rome and you'll be reading about cheap rentals for weeks.

And then, there are the inexplicable ads that seem to be born of some cruel, yet semi-psychic higher power. "Butt fat solutions", for example. Or, today, "Lobster for 30th birthday". Why is it so specific? 30th birthday... that's weird, right? Why not just Lobster Anytime? Who knows that I'm nearing 30, huh? And who gives someone an overnight lobster as a gift? Not that I wouldn't take it (hint, hint ... April 13, 2010). I'm just saying.

1 comment :

  1. Butt fat solutions? Obviously, Jennifer Love Hewitt does not use Gmail.


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