Friday, November 30, 2007

I Can't Take Me Anywhere

This is a photo of me, last night at BlackBook's New Regime issue party, with Melonie Diaz, a lovely young actress who I profiled for the issue. Like that white silk camisole she's wearing? It's pretty, right? Yeah. I spilled red wine all over it about six minutes after this picture was taken.

I have a poor history when it comes to meeting celebrities. As I believe I have previously shared on this blog, I've accidentally flashed Malcom McDowell (with the word "STACKED" written across my cleavage, no less), tripped over Larry Flynt's wheelchair, and weirded out Bebe Neuwirth with my paranoia about the whale in the Museum of Natural History falling and smushing me to death. And now I can add "doused an actress in a red wine ... at a party in her honor" to my list of shining accomplishments. Luckily, Melonie had a sense of humor about it, but I kind of don't think we're going to be BFF now.

After the party (read: when I slunk away with my tail between my legs, humiliated), Jeff and I were standing outside when Bryan came out with his friend Keith, who is also a quasi-celebrity, having been the only contestant ever to be kicked off of Project Runway. You may remember that I met Keith at another BlackBook party, where he told me about peeing on a house plant. Good times.

Anyway, Keith (very inebriated) wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant called Wo-Hop, and Jeff was hungry, so we ended to night sharing Peking Duck with Keith, Bryan, and my friend Ariel. Which begs the question: if you ruin the clothes of one minor celebrity, but then break bread with another, does that, like, cancel out? God I hope so.

Have good weekends. I'm going to bake a gingerbread brownstone! No reason. Just letting Christmas Una out for the season. It will probably go poorly, so I'll be sure to take photos.


  1. Charlie5:13 PM

    I believe it actually read "STACK*D" on your chest when Mr. McDowell made you show him your breasts. That snafu was more my fault than yours, as i was the one who wrote it.

    kudos on the mad wine skills, though...

  2. Now you know why I always drink white wine! If it makes you feel any better, an elevator closed on my arm the other day when I tried to prevent the doors from closing.


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