Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Like Rai-ainnnnn on Your Wedding Day

So it's probably going to rain. I knew this all along, that the weather is of its own mind (okay, currents, anyway) and is not known for making exceptions for important events, but still, I'm bummed about it. Maybe the reason is the way I found out: I stopped by my midwife's office today (no, no surprises, she's a midwife who also provides Well Woman gynecological care) and ... I totally didn't mean to start talking about gynecology. Anyway, I picked something up from her and she said "I hear Saturday's going to be beautiful. It's going to rain Friday, but by Saturday it will clear up and be gorgeous." I'm hoping she didn't know my wedding was on Friday, because otherwise, what a bitch.

On top of the visions of damp chiffon and sunless photos dancing in my head, yesterday Jeff was felled by a stomach bug, so I came to work today in a foul mood.

So what did I do? I went out for lunch and got a ginormous burger, fries, and a beer, and then I took a break to sing 20 minutes of karoke with Bryan. Balm for the soul, if not for the arteries ... or vocal chords.

Sorry, I know I'm boring. But don' t worry, I won't tell you about my dreams (except that they involved my leaving the gas on and killing a bunch of possums that somehow materialized in my apartment).

3 days ...


  1. Dude, why did you not call me so we could have killer margaritas at Bolo? They fix just about EVERYTHING! P.S. - it was 96 degrees on my wedding day, AND it rained, AND our pictures sucked indoors w/ bad lighting and hideous art deco carpet underfoot. Friday is supposed to be 74 degrees (in mid-late Oct!) w/ only 30% chance isolated showers. I will personally do an ancient Celtic rain dance to keep the showers in every borough but Brooklyn.

  2. Change my last comment at the post below to Thurs, not Fri.

    Don't worry, it'll all work out. You don't want to hear my horror stories, so I'll spare you. But, I will tell you this. Nothing's going to matter Friday but you getting married and then having fun at your reception. It's going to be a whirlwind!

    Your friend doing the Celtic rain dance is gonna work for you -- I know it!

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    SO... we not only survived your wedding - we LOVED it and were HONORED to be invited!! And yes, it took TWO days to fully recuperate - so SUE me! I think the CUTEST thing that happened was the adorable little flower girl very carefully picking up the petals on the way back up the aisle ;) See you back at work after ROME!!!


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