Monday, October 8, 2007

Bachelorette Bash

Harper's Index
October 8, 2007

Number of days until Una's wedding: 11
Number of bachelorette parties had in preparation: 1
Height of heels (in inches) of shoes purchased for said party: 4
Number of painful blisters sustained as a result of said heels: 3
Number of marzipan penises needed to spell out "UNA" on cake: 10
Number of feather boas worn by bride-to-be: 1
Number of penis-adorned headdresses worn by bride-to-be: 1
Number of dares prepared by bridesmaids and friends: 10
Number of dares completed by end of night: 1
Number of strippers hired for party: 1
Number of strippers who showed up at party: 2
Length (in inches) of one stripper's hair: 18
Number of guests attended to by strippers: 9
Number of guests who opted not to be groped by strange men: 2
Number of times bride-to-be was turned upside-down: 3
Number of shots bride-to-be needed in order to allow this: 4
Number of cupcakes consumed by strippers post-performance: 3
Number of minutes late getting to karaoke bar: 80
Number of steps fallen by bride-to-be in attempt to get to karaoke room: 12
Number of bruises sustained: 2
Number of ballads sung by bride-to-be: 4
Number of men who stripped to their underwear inside karaoke room: 1
Number of inches of water that flooded said room soon after: 3
Number of inebriated guests who noticed: 0

More details and photos to come. For now:


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