Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When Flowers Attack

I work right near Union Square, so I'm no stranger to weirdos. But for the past week, I've encountered one of the strangest (not most upsetting -- that would be a tie between the woman peeing against the wall in the subway and the two heroin addicts pushing an empty baby stroller) sights I've ever seen in this fair city: flower decals being forced on taxi cabs.

I looked online and there's something going on called Garden in Transit, which is some kind of moving art project that benefits kids, but there are people in Union Square with megaphones who are berating the taxi drivers for not stopping to have a decal painstakingly applied. I mean, can you imagine driving a cab all day in this city, where people redefine the term "boundaries" and also "batshit insane", and then, while you're just trying to do your job, have some trust fund hippie with a megaphone lean into your window and yell at you to "get your flower"?

Only in New York could a charity art project become a platform for verbal abuse.

They are kind of pretty, though.

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