Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Step Away ....

Today my train experienced not one, but two emergency brake stops before we reached the Manhattan Bridge. If there's one day a year you're a little extra skittish getting on a subway ... nice timing, MTA. Also, the conductor didn't really speak English, so she kept saying that there was "a brake emergency", which sounds worse than what was actually wrong. In any event, I got to work OK and was met with an immediate crisis: my co-worker was sick and had a phone interview he couldn't go through with given his cough. He asked me if I could do it.

"Sure, who's it with?" I asked as I set down my bags.

"Martin Freeman."

What followed was probably a shrill squeal, with a babbling crescendo of: "TIM! FROM THE OFFICE!"

Devotees of this blog know that my heart beats only for (my fiance and) Jim Halpert, but before Jim, there was Tim, of the original British office:

Once upon a time I was preoccupied with the fate of Tim and Dawn, not Pam and Jim. Yes, I've always watched that much TV.

The interview itself was kind of a blur, as I hadn't prepared and simply read from a list of questions, however, being me, I did manage to tell Martin Freeman:
1. That my parents were disappointed I wasn't a lesbian;
2. That I once had a dream about shopping with David Bowie;
and 3. That I sing the Spaceman song from the British Office when I'm feeling sad.

He seemed nice, but probably thought I was semi-retarded.

Anyway, having spoken to Tim, I can only hope that my next step is Jim (aka John Krasinski):

Sigh. A girl can dream.

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