Friday, September 28, 2007

Office Party

Last night we had an issue release party hosted by St. Germain at the penthouse of our director. Bond St sushi, cocktails, and pretty people, oh my!

I was wearing a dress from the fashion closet (before you get jealous, our fashion closet is literally the size of a closet, nothing like The Devil Wears Prada). I couldn't remember the name of the designer I was wearing, so I alternately told people that it was from Target or that I had made it myself. Telling random lies to strangers never ceases to amuse me.

Here I am posing (note my "sexyface") with Nick and Daniel from the office:

Here I am drunkenly embracing Cayte, Tori, and Daniel (still sexyfacing):

A lot of celebs were supposed to come (Billy Joel, where were you???), but the only one who showed was Keith from last season of Project Runway. I love PR, so I inserted myself into his general vicinity, and he told me about a time when he peed on a plant and it died. Team Keith!

After knocking back enough free drinks, we all made our way over to Lit for some dancing. I have no pictures of that bacchannal, which is probably for the best if I ever decide to publish a novel or run for public office.

My weekend will be spent recuperating. See y'all Monday!

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