Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dangers of Googlebation

If I may coin a term: Googlebation, the act of self-Googling.

Last night I checked my Site Meter to check my blog hits. I'm getting 80 or so a day, which is hardly ground-breaking, but proves that not everyone who reads this thing knows me personally, which, to me, is quite flattering.

I Googled my own name, which brought up the blog, my film and magazine work, and some other odds and ends, but then Jeff suggested I google "Sassy Curmudgeon". Lo and behold, I am linked to by some other blogs, most notably Blue Girl in A Red State, which is awesome. That made me feel good, so I kept going.

I Googled "Sassy Una".

I deserve every bit of this for my hubris. It's like God saying, "80 hits a day, girl? I get way more on"

Don't Googlebate, kids. You'll get hairy keyboards.

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