Monday, July 16, 2007

Subway Moment of Zen

This morning's subway ride sorely tested my ability to not freak the fuck out on my fellow passengers.

Exhibit A: The young father with a portable DVD player in his lap, who played a profanity-laced skit from the Chappelle Show at full volume, presumably to entertain his two toddler sons, who watched with rapt attention.

Exhibit B: The man sitting next to me who began clipping his fingernails soon after I sat down and continued to do so for the three stops until I got off.

The only way for me to be Zen about all of this is to remember three things:
1. A lot of people on the subway are mentally unbalanced (in fact, I would wager to bet that at any given moment during rush hour, it is a given that you are in the same subway car as a crazy person).
2. A lot of people have no manners, and this is not their fault, as they probably were taught that it is nice to share your loud techno music with a cramped car full of people.
3. A lot of people are stupid, and this is probably not their fault. This has to do with many varied combinations of nature, nurture, and society's ills, and I cannot fairly hate them.

So ... my mantra to keep my cool will now be "Crazy. Rude. Stupid. Blameless." Say it in the intonation of that old Nuprin ad ("Little. Yellow. Different. Better.") Feel the love.

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