Friday, July 13, 2007

Small? Yes. Dwarf? No.

Actual exchange that took place today, as told to me by my sister:

SCENE: A Philadelphia street. Zoe, fresh from a root canal at the dentist, walks by a construction site.
CONSTRUCTION WORKER #1: Hey, sweetie, how you doin'?
ZOE: (Smiles tightly, keeps walking)
CONSTRUCTION WORKER #2: Yo, man, don't hit on her ... she's a dwarf!
CONSTRUCTION WORKER #1: Oh, shit. Sorry.
ZOE: I am not a dwarf!

That's gotta suck. And right after a root canal, too. It's like the universe decided to add insult to injury in a very literal way.

Here is Zoe (who will probably be mad at me for posting a pic of her, but shut up, you look so pretty!)

Here is Peter Dinklage, an actual dwarf:

Construction workers of the world, can you spot the difference?

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