Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So, as I think I might have mentioned, my sanity-saving group of friends at work are called -- internally, of course, we don't want to sound like assholes -- the ISHAs. This came about when self-proclaimed founder and "dictator" of the ISHAs, Bryan "Ambition" Levandowski, began calling Logan "Logisha". Somehow it caught on and then I saw the fabulous drag ball documentary "Paris is Burning" and decided that we were not only ISHAs, but we were the HOUSE OF ISHA. Unisha from the House of Isha. Try saying that ... I was going to write 'three times fast', but actually the scarier ending to that sentence is 'in public'.

Anyway, we are forever sending bitchy mass emails out to the other ISHAs to share our opinions, get feedback, or simply get laughs. For instance, today (read from the bottom up):

> On 7/31/07 2:11 PM, "Bryan" wrote:
>> Yeah, they kind of are. Esp the one with the scruff. I wouldn't mind
>> being stuck in a blackout with him.
>> On 7/31/07 2:12 PM, "Tamara" wrote:
>>> I don't think we should be complaining about their ethnicity, they
>>> are pretty hot.
>>> On 7/31/07 2:06 PM, "Bryan"
> wrote:
>>>> Or do those computer men use the bathroom WAY too often? I think
>>>> I'll have to lick the counters to test for coke. Hmm.
>>>> And furthermore, shouldn't they all be indian? Aren't the IT types
>>>> primarily indians?

Every day at 5pm we do a 5 o'clock dedication, which is a song played for the whole office but with a hidden meaning known only to ISHAs. For example (bottom up again):

On 5/4/07 5:08 PM, "Bryan" wrote:

And I honestly thought the dedication would have had something to do with (a) jackie’s boyfriend’s newly-circumsized penis or (b) my overt relation of my getting-head/answering phone story.

On 5/4/07 5:06 PM, "Tamara" wrote:

And if youre not going to play 9 to 5 loud enough for us cool kids in the back of the class to hear...well then, we’re gonna take you down.

On 5/4/07 5:05 PM, "Brian" wrote:

Logan, don't playa hate… congratulate!

From: Brian
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 5:04 PM

Subject: The first of what is sure to be many dedications today...

I dedicate Sublime's "Superstar Punani" to Tariq and his infatuation with "the Poon"

I know that none of you even get this or care, and Grandma, I'll explain the "poon" reference later, but seriously, guys, I love my ISHAs. I wouldn't make it without them. And so, for them, I'd like to make a very special dedication: "You Light Up My Life" by Debbie Boone.

Happy Tuesday, all you lovers out there.

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