Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dui for lo-lo

Last night, I got a text from Jeff. It said, simply, "Dui for lo-lo".


Jeff's texts usually read "I love u" or "Poop" (he comes from a scatalogical family, in which 'poop' is an all-purpose word, and can even be used, in some cases, as a greeting). Jeff is a pretty easy-to-read kind of guy. His messages don't usually need to be decoded.

I, of course, think too much about everything, so I immediately formed some theories:
1. This is a private joke that I cannot possibly remember, maybe because I was high
2. Jeff has a mistress, and he meant to send this to her, and "Dui for lo-lo" is their secret affair code
3. Jeff has gone insane

I called Jeff. "Hey," I said. "I have no earthly idea what your text means."
"DUI," he said, "Lindsay Lohan got arrested for a DUI. I thought you'd want to know."

Oh, Jeff. I've ruined you! But I love you forever!


  1. I think Jeff should be rewarded with tootsie rolls and foot rubs. Well maybe tootsie rolls is taking it a tad too far. In any event I tip my hat to you for converting a previously uninterested in celebrity gossip man into a Lilo reported! And a tip of the hat to Jeff for his alert. Ah, to heck with it, tootsie rolls all around!

  2. She got arrested for a DUI? That SCRAM bracelet sucks!

    Reading that back, I'm pretty ashamed that I know even this much about Lindsay Lohan. :(

  3. Ohhhhh...this is an old post. That explains a lot. Stop confusing me, LaMarche!


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