Monday, June 11, 2007

To my father, many miles away

Over the weekend my dad, who is in Johannesburg, South Africa, was held at gunpoint while having dinner with associates in a Japanese restaurant. Everyone was forced to hand over their cell phones and cash, and then forced back into the kitchen where they waited, with their heads between their knees, until their assailants had left. I found this out yesterday, while having drinks with friends. It is terrifying to know that you have no control over the safety of your family when they are out of sight.

This morning I received an email from Dad, who, though shaken, is OK. He wrote: "My greatest thought, while crouched on the floor of the kitchen, was that I hoped I survived to walk you down the aisle. And I have!"

Get home safe, Daddy. I love you.

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  1. I found your blog today. Since I'm clearly the last person to jump on your band wagon I found it appropriate to start at the beginning.

    I've made it to June 11, 2007. Most of your posts make me laugh but, your dads email from South Africa almost made me lose it (in my cubicle).

    Did the roommates you pissed off ever forgive you?


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