Thursday, June 14, 2007

Secret Obsession

My friend Jess (who I started hanging out with partially because she was my biggest blog fan, for which I will always love her) told me about this site ... wait, I'm not going to post the link yet, listen to my navel-gazing first ...

I have an admitted obsession with celebrities, but my obsession is so big that it has different offshoots, departments, and amendments. I like looking at websites that speculate as to the plastic surgery stars have had (everyone's had something done, even people that don't look plastic ... ahem, Salma Hayek). I also especially like Blind Items about stars doing cocaine or having incontinence problems. I LOVE looking at celebrities without make-up. I've spent more time Googling this particular topic than I will mention. When I see some gossip rag claim that a celebrity is not wearing make-up when really she is just wearing great foundation and nude lip gloss, I get totally, irrationally angry. I want to see craters, people! I want to see under-eye bags big enough to keep my keys in!

My holy grail, though, is celebrities un-Photoshopped.

Jess sent along this link. Click on Portfolio and then click through the various photos at the bottom. If you move your mouse off the photo you get the edited version, mouse on shows you what the celebrities really look like. The sad thing about this site is that everyone looked pretty great before Photoshop, they just had thicker thighs, rollier tummies, and wider jaws. My favorite by far is Katherine Heigl, whose enormous breasts get lifted and cinched. If you move your mouse on and off really fast, they bounce.

Oh my God. I have way too much time on my hands.



  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Cool link - though to be fair to Heigl she looks gorgeous in both versions..unlike some of the others there which are truly scary.

  2. that was the most fun that i've had in a long time. sad that for lindsay lohan they actually had to add fat and hips.

  3. Have you been acquainted with this blog yet?
    It's a must for satisfying gossip cravings AND letting out pent up smart ass energy. I try to visit every day...

  4. This exact site provided much entertainment at my office this exact week. And I come across this post two and a half years later. And perhaps the large quantity of wine is making this bigger a deal than it is, but wow. That is all.

  5. Oh my gosh, I have been searching for such a photoshopped celeb site for oh, so long! I, too, have spent hours searching for more and more shots of Madonna's shar pei jowls!

    A heartfelt thanks. :)

  6. That comment made me sound really mean, ha ha! I actually think these people are gorgeous with or without makeup (with very few exceptions). It just makes me feel a little bit better as I sit here on my couch in my sweats and chip crumbs on my face to know that I'm not the only imperfect one. Personally, I think that most stars look nicer with a little bit of plump on 'em. :)


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