Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Venting

I don't have it in me to compose a cohesive, witty diatribe, so instead, you get stream of consciousness bitching. Apologies.

1. Why aren't there any cute 41-cent stamps? Doesn't the post office know that people have to mail out wedding invitations, and that the Liberty Bell and/or the American flag perhaps do NOT fit the wedding theme, unless the theme is "God Bless America", in which case what is wrong with you?

2. Why, when people are stuffed on a shoulder-to-shoulder crowded subway, do they try to move toward the door before the train stops? They stand up from their seat and just kind of stand awkwardly, crotch to crotch with the person in front of them, until the train rolls to a stop, and then -- THEN -- they move. Seriously? Did that really cut down on travel time for you, moron?

3. Why, every time that I schedule a dental or doctor appointment, does my boss call me in to an important meeting ten minutes before I have to leave? Is he psychic? And, if so, is he evil? Regardless, will he pay for my future root canals?

Anyone with answers, please chime in.

1 comment :

  1. You know doll, there are 41 cent Star Wars stamps.


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