Monday, May 14, 2007


First me and Jeff, then Sles and Jared ... and now I have the great pleasure of outing another TWO couples that I love dearly.

First, my best friend since 1988 when she first made fun of my cowboy boots and leggings combo, Ms. Adrianna Muir was recently engaged to Mr. Matthew Swarner of Alaska (for reals). I don't have a pic of Matt, but here are Adri, Tara, and me in California a few years ago:

Next, Betsy and Fipp, the couple that everyone knew would get married and have 5,000 babies! This, I imagine, is how Betsy feels about Fipp:

The great rolling stone of marriage is starting to pick up speed, gathering (or crushing?) more of us with each passing year!


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  1. Ah, mawiagge! This engagement bliss is delovely. Uni, why didn't you tell me that it's so nice? That everyone says congrats, gives you free things, and gives you shout outs on their blogs (for the Matt-Adi couple, this is our second blog shout-out. We're hot shit). I highly recommend getting engaged to all.


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