Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Co-Ed Naked ... Showers

Ah, reunion. I had a great time at my 5 year reunion this weekend, but it was really weird to be back on campus. At the risk of sounding both cliché and geriatric, I think it’s really true – you can never go back. Well, I mean, you can, but somehow, as you’re running around, drinking beer at 1pm and stumbling into the co-ed (yeah, Wesleyan!) bathrooms after one too many whiskeys at the big tent party, you think to yourself, I’m too fucking old for this! Youth, you know? So fleeting. Anyway, as always, I learned some valuable lessons during my weekend of regression:

1. Wearing a push-up bra will make everyone think you had your boobs done (My former mentor and advisor greeted me with, “Una, I never would have recognized you with those boobs!”

2. It’s really nice to live in a place where protective flip flops are not required for bathing (though, with the state of my tub, I might be eating my words soon).

3. When you tell graduating seniors that you used to live in their house, and exclaim over things like the new color of the bathroom or where you used to keep your bongs, they will look at you with the same mix of apathy and pity that you felt when the old fogies from the class of ’97 did that to you.

More photos to come!


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