Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eros & Equus: A Passion For The Horse

With apologies to my future mother-in-law, I have to post this.

Jeff and I just spent Easter with his family in Massachusetts. Jeff’s mom, Lee, always works hard to make holidays special, often re-creating the traditional foods and tableaus that she grew up with as a child. As a result, most of our family time takes place in the kitchen as Lee chops, grates, bakes, and arranges things in tiny bowls. As Jeff and I were sipping wine and sneaking CadburyMini Eggs, we noticed a book on the kitchen table: Eros & Equus: A Passion For The Horse. We made confused faces at each other until finally I couldn’t help myself.

“Hey, Lee, what’s this book?” I asked innocently.
“Oh, I picked that up last week. It’s about horses!” she said merrily.
“But, uh, Mom,” Jeff chimed in, “It looks like it’s for people who … um … love horses.”
“Well I love horses!” she said.

Then, Jeff’s brother John came into the kitchen and noticed the book.

“Mom, why do have a horse sex book?” he asked, chewing on a cracker.
“What?” Lee asked.
“This book – about sex with horses,” John said.
“No, it’s just a bunch of stories about horses.” She said.
“Um, OK.” John didn’t sound convinced.

After reading the inside cover it was pretty clear to me that this was a book of erotic stories about horses (although this Amazon.com summary suggests a more innocent text, in which case - really bad title), but I didn’t have it in me to tell Lee. I realized that she would probably have to discover this unsavory truth for herself.

I’m sorry, Lee. I know you bought it by accident. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t have left it in the middle of the kitchen table while preparing Easter dinner for your children. I hope it isn't what I really think it is. I hope it is just a really bad title.


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