Friday, April 27, 2007

Coming Soon to an Urban Outfitters Near You!

I had a drink with my Dad yesterday, and he casually mentioned (apropos of what, I can't remember) that he hadn't yet finished all of his "death notes". To most people this might be troubling, but I am used to it; every time my father goes on a trip that involves air travel, grizzly bears, or cross-country bicylcling, he reminds me that there is a folder in his home office, whimsically titled "After". In this folder, I am told, I can find important post-mortem documents like his will, ATM passwords, and insurance information alongside less common fare such as goodbye letters and a 'must-play' song list for his funeral procession. My father takes his own death very seriously, in an endearing and accepting way; he wants to be ready, and, more importantly, he wants to have it all planned out.

I've been thinking today about how laborious it must be to write personal goodbye letters to all of your loved ones. I want to cut my dad a break, and maybe make a small profit in the meantime, so I invented what I like to call the 'Now That I'm Out ...' notes. They will be on Post-It style sticky paper so you can just slap them on the side table next to your death bed without worrying that they'll get lost.

If these take off, I see Mad Libs tie-ins and maybe even a coffee-table book a la Post Secret.


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  1. whenever i feel like a great idea i have is marketless, i think of the existence of the book "pictures of walls," which is a 50-page book of-- you guessed it--pictures of walls. i repeat: it is available for purchase. i actually know someone who bought it, in fact! so take this idea and run with it, maybe someday we will see the "pictures of 'now that i'm out' notes" book.


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