Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Because There's Nothing Funnier Than a Drunk Baby

There's a piece of artwork I have hung in every place I've lived. It's a crudely drawn face with spikey green hair and a speech bubble that says, simply, "FUCK".

I drew it when I was four years old.

Legend has it that my father was sitting at work as I was quietly drawing on the floor, and at some point in a phone conversation he dropped the F-bomb.

"Daddy," asked little Una, "how do you spell that?" And Daddy, because he is awesome, complied.

Flash forward four years: my sister, all of two years old, greets visitors at the door, gleefully asking "Want to know all the curse words I know?," and then listing them: "Bitch, fuck, asshole." It was hilarious.

A lot of people look down on children who curse like sailors ... if you, like me, were raised on obscenity like it was mother's milk, I suggest you watch "The Landlord", a short featuring Will Ferrell. You won't be sorry.

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