Friday, April 13, 2007


It's my birthday! I know this comes as a huge surprise, since I'm so humble about it. Anyway, I thought I'd recognize April 13 today not only as the birthday of the world's foremost sassy curmudgeon, but also for the other notable events that took place on this day in history, namely:

April 13, 1796 1st elephant arrives in U.S. from India

April 13, 1860 1st Pony Express reaches Sacramento, California
April 13, 1870 Metropolitan Museum of Art forms in New York City
April 13, 1902 J C Penney opens his 1st store in Kemmerer, Wyoming
April 13, 1920 1st woman U.S. Civil Service Commissioner, Helen Hamilton appointed
April 13, 1940 Cornelious Warmerdam became 1st man to pole vault 15 ft
April 13, 1957 Due to lack of funds, Saturday mail delivery in U.S. is temp halted
April 13, 1965 Beatles record "Help"
April 13, 1970 Apollo 13 announces "Houston, we've got a problem!" as Beech-built oxygen tank explodes en route to Moon
April 13, 1983 Harold Washington elected 1st black mayor of Chicago
April 13, 1992 Crystal Pepsi begins test marketing in Providence, Denver and Dallas

Okay, so they weren't all winners, but take a look at the notable names who share my date of birth:

April 13, 1743 Thomas Jefferson, Virginia, D-R, 3rd President, 1801-09

April 13, 1906 Samuel Beckett, French playwright, Waiting for Godot, Nobel 1969
April 13, 1924 Stanley Donen, film director/producer, Singin' In the Rain, Damn Yankees
April 13, 1949 Philippe Petit, born in Nemours, France, juggler/aerialist -- famous for walking on a tightrope between the Twin Towers
April 13, 1946 Al Green, Forest City Arkansas, singer, Lets Stay Together
April 13, 1970 Rick Schroder, born in New York, actor, Ricky-Silver Spoons, NYPD Blue
April 13, 1992 Jet Travolta, daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

I also discovered that one Miss USA and twoMiss Teen USAs share my birthday. Did I miss great odds at becoming Miss Brooklyn 1997?

Have a lovely day, everyone. Happy UB07!


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