Friday, March 16, 2007

But I Know I Put My Keys in My Chihuahua This Morning!

So, Gmail is totally awesome and I'll tell you why: Google matches words in every email you receive and gives you a little side bar full of advertisements that "match" your email topics. Most of the time they match obvious words (all of my wedding-related emails bring up dozens of links to gown, inivtation, and favor websites, and every time I check my spam folder I get a new recipe with Spam as the main ingredient), but sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll get something like this. I would first like to point out that the url is Beauregard's Doggie Window. I would next like to point out that this website sells purses that look like dogs. I cannot even begin to imagine the joy I would get seeing people's faces as I paused on the street, reached inside my terrier, and pulled out a lipstick.

Why does this exist? And how did my email to a friend -- describing my night of drinking to the point where I thought it would be funny to climb on a ladder and drop a hat rack and a few rubber duckies into someone's office (it was totally funny, by the way) -- get matched with this?

Please advise.


  1. awesome -- now i don't have to wonder what to get you for a birthday present any longer.

  2. well, the ad worked. you not only clicked the link, but told all your friends about their website. that sounds like a successful matching of ad and potential buyer to me. go google!


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