Friday, February 2, 2007

Only Me

I interrupt today’s regularly scheduled blogging for a special report: I set my hair on fire today. First time! If you know me, you’re probably shocked right now, not because I set my hair aflame, but because I have managed not to for almost twenty-seven years. I’m not going to divulge how I set fire to my hair, as the story makes me look stupid. Suffice to say I wasn’t saving children from a burning building. Also, an executive at my company saw me do it. In fact, she put me out. Suffice to say I have to find a new job.

Really, though, I’m fine – I still have my hair, only a very slight burn, and a strong, unpleasant smell. I have, however, lost whatever little dignity I had left. As Jeff said when I told him the story, “Only you.” He did not mean “Only you can make this world seem bright/ Oh-only you can make the darkness light”. He meant “Only you could manage to set your hair on fire in your workplace.” Other things only I am capable of: falling head first off of a bunk bed onto a tin dollhouse; wiping out during cross-country skiing; tripping over Larry Flynt’s wheelchair; eating an entire bag of Tootsie Roll midgies for breakfast.

What, they’re good!

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  1. Never fear--you are not the only one who has set her hair on fire. I know the burning hair smell quite well, actually. Granted, I never did so at work. But I do publicly humiliate myself in many other ways at work, if that helps at all. And as you well know, I once fainted during a play! And yet my friends still love me. Point being: Set fire to whatever/whomever you want--I will still love "only" you because you make my world seem bright!


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