Friday, February 23, 2007

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

I know I haven’t written for a long time, but I’ve been busy and, also, boring. My life has become pretty … calm. I like my job, I have my apartment (complete with fiancé), I like to watch a lot of TV and drink red wine and do the Sunday crossword and that’s kind of it. And I like it.

Don’t worry – I still have my neuroses. Those will never go away, despite how hard my therapist may try to “heal” them. I was told today (by a trainer at my gym) that my anxiety has built up the muscles in my shoulders so that I’m kind of slumpy and overbuilt. In other words, stress = buff back muscles. Score!

I had a great New York experience last night that I wanted to share with all of you. Jeff and I had been hanging out at his friend Mike’s house and I was suffering from “woman’s troubles” (read: lethargy), so I convinced Jeff, my indulgent knight in shining armor, to hail us a cab. I immediately liked the driver, who, upon hearing we were headed to Brooklyn, cheerily said, “You got it!”.

We had only been in the cab for a moment when the driver asked, “How long you been together?”

“Three years,” I said.

“Three years! My goodness.” The driver said.

A few moments later, as we drove up Canal, he said, “You know who am I?”

“Uh … no.”

“Really? You don’t know who am I?”

Steering with one hand, the driver tossed some laminated magazine and newspaper clippings into the backseat. “You don’t know me from TV?” he asked. I felt bad that I didn’t.

“I am the matchmaking cabbie!” he crowed triumphantly.

I looked down in my lap and saw my cabbie, Ahmed Ibrahim, on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Apparently he had been setting up single New Yorkers for three years, and had gained some notoriety. The articles he had given us were from People, Glamour, and The New York Sun, along with a large photo of him on the set of the Today Show talking to Katie Couric.

Jeff and I asked him about his technique. He claims to pick people up randomly, so that fate decides who is in his cab. He doesn’t try to pick up singles. When he gets a single woman or man, he asks them if they are in a relationship. If they answer no, he asks if they are looking for one. Ahmed will only set up people looking for real love, no “players”. He then takes a photo of them on his cell phone and has them record a brief message about what they are looking for. Once he feels he’s made a good match, he asks the woman for permission and then gives her number to the man he has chosen. So far on couple has gotten married (he pulled out a photo album showing the bride and groom in full dress in the backseat of his cab) and one has gotten engaged.

“We’re getting married in October,” Jeff said.

“Good!,” he cried. “When I heard you been together three years, I said, oh, why is she with him if he don’t marry her?” He pulled a ring out of his glove compartment. “I was gonna say, here, here is the ring, give it to her!” Say what you want, but Ahmed Ibrahim is prepared.

I have to say that Ahmed gives by far the best cab ride ever. He’s a good driver and he’ll keep you entertained. When we got out in front of our house, I thanked him for “the best cab ride ever,”

“And you are the best couple ever!” he said, smiling, as he pulled away. I know he probably says that to everyone, but it made me feel incredibly special. There’s no way to contact Ahmed Ibrahim, and the chances of finding yourself in his cab are one in a million. I’m just glad it happened to me. I guess I’ll have to count myself as one of the lucky ones.


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  1. This makes up for you making me throw up in my mouth a little. Warm heart counteracts barfmouth.


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