Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lurve, Luff, Loave

Last night my friend Meredith and I had a few drinks in NoHo (as in "I ain't no ho!", which is true for both Meredith and myself. It's actually North of Houston, for all of you non-New Yorker or sarcasm-proof readers.)

We were deep into our vodka cranberries when Jeff texted me one word: Forever. Meredith threw up in her mouth a little bit I think. If you all want a taste of the kind of smushy love that stimulates your gag reflex, check out our wedding web page.


  1. Oh lord when is the reality show coming out? hehe just kidding...ITS CUTE.I'm actually kind of disappointed there werent more features on the website. hook up your webcam big sister. xox

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I cracked up when I saw that you had a million bridesmaids, and all Jeff gets is a ring-bearer...

  3. i threw up on my desk a lot.


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