Friday, November 10, 2006

Update, By Popular Demand

I really haven't been lazy, dear readers. I've been sick. AND I have a lot of Desperate Housewives Season One in my schedule these days. In fact, here is a rundown of my day yesterday:

8:45 am Therapy
10:00 am Buy Elle, Oprah Magazine (what?!)
10:30 am Rent Desperate Housewives Season One from BlockBuster
11:00 am Bundle up on couch, watch Disc 1
2:00 pm Disc 2
5:00 pm Disc 3
8:00 pm Disc 4
9:00 pm Grey's Anatomy interlude

Hmmm, that looks kind of pathetic written down. But it would have looked MORE pathetic if I included the three chocolate drumsticks I comsumed, in a row, as well as the bag of Reese's Cups (oh, and soup, Mom. Lots of soup.)

Aaaaanyway, last weekend the parents met over dinner at Blue Hill, where we got VIP treatment thanks to our amazing friend, business manager Sara Lesin. Since I know that at least my parents will be reading this, I am hesitant to make any comments about how it went, except to say that we all got exceptionally drunk, and that we had to in order to survive. That said, the two sets of estranged parents (to be fair, on a scale of 1 to 10, in which 1 is the best of friends and 10 is justifiable homicide, my parents are at a comfortable 3-4, whereas Jeff's hover around 8.5) were wonderful and social and made us feel very special. Jeff's Dad, who up until that night had displayed the social skills of Der Golem, gets the Most Improved award for the evening. His son, on the other hand, gets the Most Scotch Consumed award, I think for the decade.

More to come soon, I promise.

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