Tuesday, November 14, 2006

That Was Easy

I have been told that I don’t fuck around when it comes to shopping. I’ll walk into a store, point, and purchase. No lollygagging for this girl, no buyer’s remorse, sometimes even no trying on of clothes. I pride myself on this no bullshit approach to consumerism, and so I guess it’s no surprise that on my second outing to look at wedding gowns, I came home with one. I literally walked out of the store with it, because it fit like it was custom-made for me, right off the rack. No alterations, no dry cleaning, no nothing. It’s eleven months until my wedding and I have managed to nail down the date, the place, and the gown. I guess that leaves more time to pick shoes!

I really need to spread the word about the place I bought it – The Bridal Garden. It’s an organization that receives donated gowns from designers, stores, and individuals, and sends proceeds to the Sheltering Arms Childrens Service. All of the gowns are marked down 50 – 75%, and once you are married you can donate it back so that you benefit the organization twice.

OK, back to the superficial. It’s so pretty! I’m keeping her under wraps until the wedding day, at least where Jeff is concerned. I’m fairly certain that I’ll spend at least a few hours dancing around in it between now and October 19 of next year.

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